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Population: 12,241,065

Official Language: Rundi

Language Count: 8

Primary Religion: Christianity

National Bible Society:
Bible Society of Burundi

Factbook Summary:

Language Summary: Kirundi only 29.7% (official); French only .3% (official); Swahili only .2%; English only .1% (official); Kirundi and French 8.4%; Kirundi, French, and English 2.4%, other language combinations 2%, unspecified 56.9% (2008 est.) note: data represent languages read and written by people 10 years of age or older; spoken Kirundi is nearly universal

Ethnic Summary: Hutu, Tutsi, Twa (Pygmy)

Religious Summary: Roman Catholic 62.1%, Protestant 23.9% (includes Adventist 2.3% and other Protestant 21.6%), Muslim 2.5%, other 3.6%, unspecified 7.9% (2008 est.)

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