Title: The Republic of Botswana

Population: 2,350,667

Population Change: 2.08

National Average Age: 24

Urban Percentage: 73

Christian Population: 1,416,000

Christian Percentage: 71.6

Introduction: Botswana a landlocked country in Southern Africa has a landscape defined by the Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta which becomes a lush animal habitat during the seasonal floods. The massive Central Kalahari Game Reserve with its fossilized river valleys and undulating grasslands is home to numerous animals including giraffes cheetahs hyenas and wild dogs.

Overview: Formerly the British protectorate of Bechuanaland Botswana adopted its new name upon independence in 1966. More than four decades of uninterrupted civilian leadership progressive social policies and significant capital investment have created one of the most stable economies in Africa. Mineral extraction principally diamond mining dominates economic activity though tourism is a growing sector due to the country's conservation practices and extensive nature preserves. Botswana has one of the world's highest known rates of HIV/AIDS infection but also one of Africa's most progressive and comprehensive programs for dealing with the disease.