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Population: 19,245,793

Official Language: Kazakh

Language Count: 68

Primary Religion: Islam

National Bible Society:
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WatchList Rank: 41

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Type: Dictatorial Paranoia

Language Summary: Kazakh (official, Qazaq) 83.1% (understand spoken language) and trilingual (Kazakh, Russian, English) 22.3% (2017 est.); Russian (official, used in everyday business, designated the language of interethnic communication) 94.4% (understand spoken language) (2009 est.)

Ethnic Summary: Kazakh (Qazaq) 68%, Russian 19.3%, Uzbek 3.2%, Ukrainian 1.5%, Uighur 1.5%, Tatar 1.1%, German 1%, other 4.4% (2019 est.)

Religious Summary: Muslim 70.2%, Christian 26.2% (mainly Russian Orthodox), other 0.2%, atheist 2.8%, unspecified 0.5% (2009 est.)

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