Title: The Republic of the Marshall Islands

Population: 78,831

Population Change: 0.68

National Average Age:

Urban Percentage: 70

Christian Population: 0

Christian Percentage:

Introduction: 'The Marshall Islands are a sprawling chain of volcanic islands and coral atolls in the central Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and the Philippines. In the northwest Bikini Atoll’s largely undisturbed waters used as a ship graveyard after World War II are now a popular wreck dive site. Near Majuro Atoll which holds the islands'' capital and largest settlement the coral reef at Kalalin Pass teems with marine life.'

Overview: After almost four decades under US administration as the easternmost part of the UN Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands the Marshall Islands attained independence in 1986 under a Compact of Free Association. Compensation claims continue as a result of US nuclear testing on some of the atolls between 1947 and 1962. The Marshall Islands hosts the US Army Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA) Reagan Missile Test Site a key installation in the US missile defense network.