Title: Tokelau

Population: 1,647

Population Change: 1.27

National Average Age:

Urban Percentage: 0

Christian Population: 0

Christian Percentage:

Introduction: 'Tokelau is a remote group of atolls in the South Pacific Ocean halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand of which it''s a territory. It''s usually accessed by boat from Samoa a trip that can take around 24 hours. Nukunonu atoll contains accommodation and a clear lagoon rich in marine life. Fakaofo has swimming pigs that famously catch fish near its coral reef.'

Overview: Originally settled by Polynesian emigrants from surrounding island groups the Tokelau Islands were made a British protectorate in 1889. They were transferred to New Zealand administration in 1925. Referenda held in 2006 and 2007 to change the status of the islands from that of a New Zealand territory to one of free association with New Zealand did not meet the needed threshold for approval.