Country Benin, Togo
Ethnicity Aja people
550,000 (2006–2012)
AreaSouthwest on Mono River. Primarily in Couffo Province (formerly north Mono Province), Aplahoué, Djakotomè, Dogbo, Klouékanmè, Lalo, and Tovinklin Subprefectures; Mono Province (formerly south Mono Province) Athiémè, Comè, and Houéyogbé Subprefectures; Zou Province, Djidja and Agbangnizoun Subprefectures, Cotonou and many towns in the south, villages mixed with other language groups. Also in Togo.
Language Sites
ISO 639-3 ajg
Glottolog ajab1235
Gbe languages.png
The distribution of the major Gbe dialect areas (after Capo 1988, 1991)
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