Anishinaabemowin, ᐊᓂᐦᔑᓈᐯᒧᐎᓐ
Ojibwe map pre-contact blur.svg
Pre-contact distribution of Ojibwe dialects
Pronounce [anɪʃːɪnaːpeːmowɪn]
Country Canada, United States
Region Canada: Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, groups in Alberta, British Columbia; United States: Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, groups in North Dakota, Montana
Ethnicity Ojibwe people
(90,000 cited 1990–2010, 100,880 including all other dialects not included in Ethnologue.)
Dialects (see Ojibwe dialects)
Latin (various alphabets in Canada and the United States),
Ojibwe syllabics in Canada,
Great Lakes Algonquian syllabics in the United States
AreaUpper Michigan west to North Dakota.
Language Sites
ISO 639-1 oj – Ojibwa
ISO 639-2 oji – Ojibwa
ISO 639-3 oji – inclusive code – Ojibwa
Individual codes:
ojs – Severn Ojibwa
ojg – Eastern Ojibwa
ojc – Central Ojibwa
ojb – Northwestern Ojibwa
ojw – Western Ojibwa
ciw – Chippewa
otw – Ottawa
alq – Algonquin
Glottolog ojib1241  Ojibwa
Location of all Anishinaabe Reservations/Reserves and cities with an Anishinaabe population in North America, with diffusion rings about communities speaking Anishinaabe languages.
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