Iñupiatun, Inupiatun, Inupiaqtun
Country United States, formerly Russia; Northwest Territories of Canada
Region Alaska; formerly Big Diomede Island
Ethnicity 20,709 Iñupiat (2015)
2,144, 7% of ethnic population (2007)
Latin (Iñupiaq alphabet)
Iñupiaq Braille
AreaAlaska, Norton Sound and Point Hope. Also in Canada.
Language Sites
ISO 639-1 ik
ISO 639-2 ipk
ISO 639-3 ipk – inclusive code
Individual codes:
esi – North Alaskan Inupiatun
esk – Northwest Alaska Inupiatun
Glottolog inup1234
Inuktitut dialect map.svg
Inuit dialects. Inupiat dialects are orange (Northern Alaskan) and pink (Seward Peninsula).
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