Afaan Oromoo
Country Ethiopia, Kenya
Region Oromia
Ethnicity Oromo
34 million people in Ethiopia (2015 estimate)
500,000 in Kenya (2015 census), 42,000 in Somalia (2015 census)
Latin (Qubee)
AreaWest and central, Oromo region; Rift Valley escarpment east of Dessie and Woldiya. Also in Egypt.
Language Sites
ISO 639-1 om
ISO 639-2 orm
ISO 639-3 orm – inclusive code
Individual codes:
gax – Borana–Arsi–Guji–Wallaggaa-Shawaa Oromo
hae – Eastern Oromo
orc – Orma
gaz – West Central Oromo
ssn – Waata
Glottolog nucl1736
Map of the Oromo language.svg
Areas in East Africa where Oromo is spoken
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