Standard Irish: Gaeilge
Pronounce [ˈɡeːlʲɟə]
Country Ireland
Ethnicity Irish
L1 speakers: 170,290 (2019)
L2 speakers: 1,761,420 answered “yes” to being able to speak Irish in the Republic of Ireland (2016), 104,943 identify as being able to speak Irish in Northern Ireland (2011), 18,815 Irish Americans claim to speak Irish at home (2005), Total: 2,055,468
Early Forms
An Caighdeán Oifigiúil
Latin (Irish alphabet)
Irish Braille
AreaWestern isles northwest and southwest coasts; Galway, part of Mayo, Kerry, Donegal, Meath, Cork, Waterford, Scotland (Albain), Isle of Mann. Also in Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom, United States.
Language Sites
ISO 639-1 ga
ISO 639-2 gle
ISO 639-3 gle
Glottolog iris1253
Irish speakers in 2011.png
Proportion of respondents who said they could speak Irish in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland censuses of 2011.
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