X̱aat Kíl, X̱aadas Kíl, X̱aayda Kil, Xaad kil
A woman hangs posters with the Haida words for various body parts
Native to
EthnicityHaida people
Native speakers
24 (465 total), 2 in the United States (2018, 2020)
Language isolate (see text)
Official status
Official language in
Flag of Haida.svg Council of the Haida Nation
Flag of Alaska.svg Alaska
Language codes
ISO 639-2hai
ISO 639-3hai – inclusive code
Individual codes:
hdn – Northern Haida
hax – Southern Haida
ELPXaad Kil (Haida)
Haida lang.png
Pre-contact distribution of Haida
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