मैथिली / মৈথিনী
Maithili in Tirhuta script.svg
Maithili in traditional Tirhuta and recent Devanagari script
Country India and Nepal
Region Bihar and Jharkhand in India; Province No. 2 and Province No. 1 in Nepal
Ethnicity Maithil
30–35 million (2000)
(only 13.58 million reported their languages as Maithili on the 2011 census of India, as many consider it to be a variety of Hindi
Tirhuta (Mithilakshar) (Former)
Kaithi (Maithili style) (Former)
Devanagari (Current)
AreaBihar, Muzaffarpur on west, past Kosi east to west Purnia District, to Munger, Bhagalpur districts south, and Himalayan foothills north; Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai. Many settled abroad. Cultural and linguistic centers are Madhubani and Darbhanga towns. Janakpur also important culturally and religiously. Also in Nepal.
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ISO 639-2 mai
ISO 639-3 mai
Glottolog mait1250
Maithili region.jpg
Maithili-speaking region of Bihar and Jharkhand
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