Rarámuri ra'ícha
Country Mexico
Region Chihuahua
Ethnicity Tarahumara
85,018 (2010 census)
AreaSouthwest Chihuahua, from Cuautemoc, southwest to Creel, down Urique River, east up Sinforosa Canyon, southeast to Chinantu, north to Balleza.
Language Sites
ISO 639-3 Variously:
tar – Central Tarahumara
thh – Northern Tarahumara
tcu – Southeastern Tarahumara
twr – Southwestern Tarahumara
tac – Western Tarahumara
Glottolog tara1321
Tarahumara precontact and modern.svg
Pre-contact (green) and current (red) extent of Tarahumara in Mexico
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