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The Project

Find-A-Bible is a web directory that provides links to Bibles and biblical resources in the 7000+ languages of the world. It is a collaborative project of the Forum of Bible Agencies International (FOBAI) built to facilitate access to scripture for discipleship, evangelism, and church planting.

Drawing from content created by FOBAI members, as well as other Bible organizations, the site helps users discover and obtain Scriptures and biblical resources in the language and media of their choice.

Find-A-Bible features links to print Bibles, print-on-demand Bibles, digital Bibles, audio Bibles, visual Bibles, and Bible resources – in multiple formats. Its design, interface, and database were created and are maintained by the Digital Bible Society (dbs.org).

Frequently Asked Questions

Find-A-Bible was envisioned by the members of the Forum of Bible Agencies International with the intent to simplify the discovery and securing of Bibles and Bible resources in every language. Learn more

Adding Resources

Know of a Bible that needs to be in this directory? We’d like to hear about it. Does your organization have multi-language Bible resources that should be listed here? Let us know! Contact

Data Sources

Find-A-Bible’s purpose is to simplify the discovery of existing Bible resources. Toward this end, Find-A-Bible employs data from a wide variety of reliable open sources, and occasionally calculates averages and best estimates. Consequently, Find-A-Bible should not be considered an exhaustive source for global and linguistic data and statistics. For reliable and authoritative data, we recommend you refer to the latest version of the SIL Ethnologue or member agencies of the United Bible Societies.

Find-A-Bible consists of four data sets (Bibles, Languages, Countries and Agencies) that are built upon two data frameworks: the SIL 639-3 Language Codes and the ISO-3166 International Standard Country Codes. Bible Resource Data Bible information and data is compiled by the Digital Bible Society with significant contributions from a number of API data streams including: Digital Bible Library, Faith Comes by Hearing, The Jesus Film Project, Global Recordings Network, Wycliffe Bible Translators, YouVersion, and others. Language Data: Language statistics, population and language data is derived largely from the following sources: Wikipedia, Joshua Project, Ethnologue (16th edition primarily), the Glottolog, the WorldFact Book, the Digital Bible Society, and others.

Find a Bible Conference

During annual gatherings of the International Bible Forum (FOBAI), friendly people meet to collaborate around Find-A-Bible. Perhaps you would like to join us? Contact us for details, or join us at an upcoming FOBAI annual meeting.

Country Data: Country statistics and information is gathered from a variety of source including: Wikipedia, Joshua Project Datasets, OpenDoors International, Operation World, WorldFact Book, the United Nations and others. The Country specific language data is often averaged among research sources and should only be considered “best guess” estimates. Our goal is simply to show what languages workers will most likely encountered in a given country. Mapping data is drawn from the WorldFact Book, the Glottolog, Muturzikin.com, The Perry-Castañeda Library, and others.

Agency Data: Data regarding organization information is collected by the Forum of Bible Agencies and the Digital Bible Society. Data is also provided by the organizations themselves or their associated websites. Learn More