Yakan New Testament

Date: 1986, 2007
ISO: yka
Languages: Yakan
Script: Latin
Copyright: © Bible Society of India
Description: The Yimchungrü are found in Tuensang District in Nagaland state in North East India having a population of 40,561 (2001 census). They received the Gospel in the early part of the 50's. They were known for head hunting practice. They received the Gospel from the neighbouring tribes who courageously evangelised one of the most feared people in the region. Ever since they recieved the Gospel, the Church began to grow rapidly. The Churches were increased and mass conversion took place significantly. As a result people who were hungry for the word of God, with the assistance of the neighbouring Churches, the Bible Society published several portions of the Bible. Subsequently the New Testament was also published some years back. The thirst for the word of God among the people kept on increasing for which the Bible Socity in partnership with the Yimchungrü Baptist Church Association was able to complete the translation of the Bible and the Yimchungru Naga Bible was published in 2007. This translation, published by the Bible Society of India, was published in 2007 If you are interested in obtaining a printed copy, please contact the Bible Society of India at www.bsind.org
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