Find-A-Bible provides a directory with links to:
4,480 Bible Versions and 30,514 Biblical Resources from 909 Organizations.

Do you know someone who speaks another language and may be looking for a Bible?

Are you traveling abroad with plans to share Bibles and resources across regions?

Do you support missionaries who serve among multi-language people groups?

Are you seeking to share Bible related Audio or Video resources on your next outreach?

The Find-a-Bible project exists to serve people worldwide by:

  • Informing users about Bible resources in available languages
  • Providing missions agencies with Bible translation information and status
  • Equipping Christian workers with immediate access to available resources
  • Promoting FOBAI member resources and organizations

Find-A-Bible seeks to provide comprehensive data on existing Bible resources in the 6000+ language of the world.

Would you help us ensure that Bible resources can be discovered, secured, and shared? If you know of Bible resources not found in this directory, let us know!

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