Country Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines
Region coastal areas of the Sulu Sea, Sabah, Sulawesi, and the Maluku Islands
Ethnicity Bajau
260,000 (2000–2011)
(may be ethnic population)
AreaNorth Maluku on Bacan, Obi, Kayoa and Sula Islands; South Sulawesi, Selayar, Bone, and Sinjai districts; Gorontalo Province, Popayato and Tilamuta subdistricts; North Sulawesi, Wori, Tumpaan and Belang subdistricts. Widespread throughout Central and Southeast Sulawesi and islands of the East Sunda Sea.
Language Sites
ISO 639-3 Variously:
bdl – Sulawesi
bdr – Sabah West Coast
sjm – Mapun
Glottolog born1254
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