Country Philippines
Region Luzon
Ethnicity Igorot
17,000 (2003)
AreaNorthern Luzon, Abra Province, a few barangays of Penarubia, Lagangilang, Danglas, and Langiden; southwest of Binongan Itneg [itb], northwest of Masadiit Itneg [tis].
Language Sites
ISO 639-3 Variously:
itb – Binongan Itneg = Adasen language - Ba-i Lagayan and Tineg
iti – Inlaod Itneg
itt – Maeng Itneg
tis – Masadiit Itneg
ity – Moyadan Itneg
Glottolog itne1252
Itneg dialect continuum map.png
Areas where the various Itneg dialects (including Kalinga Itneg) are spoken according to Ethnologue
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