Country China
Region Sichuan
83,000 (1999)
Tibetan script
AreaNorth central Sichuan. Situ is in the traditional territory of 4 chieftaincies: Zhuokeji, Suomo, Songgang, Dangba. Chabao is in northeast corner of Maerkang County, Chabao District, Longerjia, Dazang, and Shaerzong townships. Sidaba is in Maerkang County, Sidaba District, Caodeng, Kangshan, and Ribu townships; north in southwest corner of Aba County, Kehe and Rongan townships; west along middle Duke River, Rangtang County, between Wuyi and Shili townships; and Seda County at the confluence of Seda and Duke rivers, a small town.
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ISO 639-3 jya
Glottolog core1262
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