কুড়মালি, কুর্মালী, कुड़मालि, କୁଡ଼ମାଲି
Country India
Region Assam, Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal
556,089 (2011 census)
Census results conflate some speakers with Bengali, Odia and Hindi.[citation needed]
AreaJharkhand, east side; West Bengal, west Purulia, Bankura Malda, Nadia, and Western Midnapur districts; Orissa, Keonjhar, Mayourbhanj, and Sundargargh districts; Assam, Darrang, Sonitpur, Golaghat, Jorhat districts.
Language Sites
ISO 639-3 Either:
kyw – Kurmali
tdb – Panchpargania
Glottolog kudm1238  Kudmali
panc1246  Panchpargania
Kurmali map.png
Kurmali-speaking region of India
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