Lun Bawang
Lundayeh, Southern Murut
Collection of words in English and translation in Ida'an, Bisaya and Adang Murut (Lun Bawang) in 1860 by Spenser St. John
Country Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia
Region Sarawak, Sabah, Temburong, North Kalimantan
(48,000 (2007 in Indonesia; no date Malaysia) plus 6,000 Putoh cited 1981)
  • Lun Dayeh
AreaInterior from Brunei Bay to Padas River headwaters, to Baram headwaters, and into East Kalimantan, Indonesian mountains where Sesayap River tributaries arise. Also in Brunei, Malaysia (Sarawak).
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ISO 639-3 lnd – inclusive code
Individual code:
put – Putoh
Glottolog lund1271
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  Geographical distribution of Lun Bawang/Lundayeh speakers
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