Country Canada
Region Quebec, Labrador
Ethnicity Innu
10,075, 36% of ethnic population (2016 census)
Early form
AreaQuebec and Labrador, Lake St. John east along Saguenay Valley to north shore St. Lawrence River and Gulf of St. Lawrence east to St. Augustin, north to height of land at Schefferville and inland Labrador (Goose Bay, Lake Melville). 11 communities. Western Montagnais in 4 communities: Mashteuiatsh (near Roberval, Quebec), Betsiamites, Uashat-Maliotenam (near Sept-Iles, Quebec), Matimekosh (near Schefferville, Quebec). Eastern Montagnais in Mingan, Natashquan, La Romaine, Pakuashipi (St Augustine, Quebec, sometimes called Pakuashipu), Sheshatshiu (North-West River, Labrador).
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ISO 639-3 moe
Glottolog mont1268
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