Maya Sign Language
Country Mexico, Guatemala
Region Isolated villages in south-central Yucatán, Guatemalan Highlands
17 deaf in Chican (2012)
400 hearing signers Chican (1999); unknown number elsewhere
  • Nohya Sign
  • Highland Maya Sign
AreaConcentrated in south central Yucatán, sizeable concentration in northern Quintana Roo (1999 H. Smith). Chican, formerly called ‘Nohya’ (a pseudonym thought necessary at first to protect the deaf population), Yucatán. Isolated villages (at least 2 in Oxkutzcab, 4 in Xyatil, 1 in Carillo Puerto) throughout a wide portion of lowland Mayan region. Kinil is also mentioned (1997 H. Smith).
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ISO 639-3 msd
Glottolog yuca1236
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