Southern Quechua
Quechua II-C
Pronounce Quechua pronunciation: [ˈ]
Country Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile
Region Countries of the Andean highlands of South America, minorities in neighboring countries and some parts of Asia and Europe
Ethnicity Quechua, Qulla, Inka (historically)
(6 million cited 1987–2002)
  • Quechua II
    • Quechua IIC
      • Southern Quechua
Early form
Latin script(Quechuan alphabet)
AreaCentral Peru.
Language Sites
ISO 639-3 Variously:
qwc – Classical Quechua
quy – Ayacucho Quechua
qxu – Arequipa-La Unión Quechua
quz – Cusco Quechua
qve – Eastern Apurímac Quechua
qxp – Puno Quechua (Collao)
qul – North Bolivian Quechua (Apolo)
quh – South Bolivian Quechua
cqu – Chilean Quechua
qus – Santiagueño Quechua
Glottolog quec1389
Qichwa rimaq Tiqsi-M saywitu.svg
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