Kichwa Shimi, Runa Shimi
Country Ecuador, Colombia, Peru
(1.209 million cited 1991–2010)
AreaSouth and east of Ambato in Tungurahua Province. Spoken in 17 towns in the Salasaca area, not counting other varieties of Quichua. Varieties spoken in Cotopaxi and the rest of Tungurahua, large towns around Ambato, are not called Salasaca. See Chimborazo Highland Quichua [qug].
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ISO 639-3 Variously:
inb – Inga
inj – Jungle Inga
qvo – Napo Lowland
qup – Southern Pastaza
qud – Calderón Highland
qxr – Cañar Highland
qug – Chimborazo Highland
qvi – Imbabura Highland
qvj – Loja Highland
qvz – Northern Pastaza
qxl – Salasaca Highland
quw – Tena Lowland
Glottolog colo1257
Quechua (subgrupos).svg
Distribution of Quechua sub-groups. Kichwa is shown in light blue (II B).
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