Country Pakistan, India
Region Gilgit-Baltistan, Chitral, Gurais, Dras, Dah Hanu
Ethnicity Shina
600,000 in Pakistan Total users in all countries: 644,200. Shina Kohistani 401,000 (2016)
Arabic script (Nastaʿlīq)
AreaNorth, Gilgit District, scattered villages in Yasin and Ishkoman valleys, Punial, Gilgit, Haramosh, lower Hunza Valley; Diamer District, Chilas area, Darel and Tangir valleys, Astor Valley; scattered areas of Baltistan District, Satpara, Kharmang, Kachura, and other small valleys; NWFP, east part of Kohistan District, Sazin, Harban. Also in India.
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ISO 639-3 Either:
scl – Shina
plk – Kohistani Shina
Glottolog shin1264  Shina
kohi1248  Kohistani Shina
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