Country Belgium, France
Region Wallonia, Ardennes, minority in Door County, Wisconsin (United States)
600,000 (2007)
perhaps only 300,000 active speakers in rural Wallonia
Latin (Walloon alphabet)
AreaWallonia. Central Walloon: Namur, Wavre, and Dinant; Eastern Walloon: Liège, Malmedy, Verviers, Huy, and Waremme; Western Walloon: Charleroi, Nivelles, and Philippeville; Southern Walloon: the Ardennes region, Marche, and Neufchâteau. Also spoken in Luxembourg until recently. It is or was spoken in parts of northern France, and in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA.
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ISO 639-1 wa
ISO 639-2 wln
ISO 639-3 wln
Glottolog wall1255
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