ייִדיש‎, יידיש‎ or אידיש‎, yidish/idish
Pronounce [ˈ(j)ɪdɪʃ]
Country Central, Eastern, and Western Europe
Region Europe, Israel, North America, other regions with Jewish populations
Ethnicity Ashkenazi Jews
(1.5 million cited 1986–1991 + half undated)
Hebrew alphabet (Yiddish orthography)
AreaSouthwestern is south; Midwestern in central Germany; Northwestern is north. Also in Belgium, France, Hungary, Israel, Netherlands, Switzerland.
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ISO 639-1 yi
ISO 639-2 yid
ISO 639-3 yid – inclusive code
Individual codes:
ydd – Eastern Yiddish
yih – Western Yiddish
Glottolog yidd1255
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