Nepali (macrolangauge)
Gorkhali, Khaskura, Nepalese, Parbate, Eastern Pahadi
नेपाली/खस कुरा
Nepali word in devanagiri.svg
The word "Nepali" written in Devanagari
Pronounce [neˈpali]
Country Nepal
Ethnicity Khas people
16 million (2011 census)
9 million L2 speakers (2011 census)
Devanagari Braille
Takri (historical)
Sign Lang.
Signed Nepali
Language Sites
ISO 639-1 ne
ISO 639-2 nep
ISO 639-3 nep – inclusive code
Individual codes:
npi – Nepali
dty – Doteli
Glottolog nepa1254
nepa1252  duplicate code
Nepali language status.png
World map with significant Nepali language speakers
Dark Blue: Main official language,
Light blue: One of the official languages,
Red: Places with significant population or greater than 20% but without official recognition.
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