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Population: 164,098,818

Official Language: Bengali

Language Count: 81

Primary Religion: Islam

National Bible Society:
Bangladesh Bible Society

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WatchList Rank: 31

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Type: Islamic Oppression

Language Summary: Bangla 98.8% (official, also known as Bengali), other 1.2% (2011 est.)

Ethnic Summary: Bengali at least 98%, other indigenous ethnic groups 1.1% (2011 est.) note: Bangladeshs government recognizes 27 indigenous ethnic groups under the 2010 Cultural Institution for Small Anthropological Groups Act; other sources estimate there are about 75 ethnic groups; critics of the 2011 census claim that it underestimates the size of Bangladeshs ethnic population

Religious Summary: Muslim 89.1%, Hindu 10%, other 0.9% (includes Buddhist, Christian) (2013 est.)

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