官话; 官話; Guānhuà
Guanhua swapped.svg
Guānhuà (Mandarin)
written in Chinese characters
(simplified Chinese on the left, traditional Chinese on the right)
Region Most of Northern and Southwestern China (see also Standard Chinese)
920 million (2017)
2nd Lang: 200 million (no date)
Early Forms
Standard Chinese
(Putonghua, Guoyu)
Sign Lang.
Wenfa Shouyu
AreaWidespread north of Changjiang River, a belt south of the Changjiang from Qiujiang (Jiangxi) to Zhenjiang (Jiangsu), Hubei, except southeast corner, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, northwest part of Guangxi, and northwest corner of Hunan. Also in Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, Indonesia (Java and Bali), Laos, Libya, Malaysia (Peninsular), Mauritius, Mongolia, Mozambique, Philippines, Russian Federation (Asia), Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Viet Nam, Zambia.
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ISO 639-3 cmn
Glottolog mand1415
Mandarin and Jin in China.png
Mandarin area in mainland China and Taiwan, with Jin (sometimes treated as a separate group) in light green
Mandarin Chinese
Simplified Chinese 官话
Traditional Chinese 官話
Literal meaning Officials' speech
Northern Chinese
Simplified Chinese 北方话
Traditional Chinese 北方話
Literal meaning Northern speech
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