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Population: 7,017,224

Official Language: Arabic Standard

Language Count: 36

Primary Religion: Islam

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WatchList Rank: 4

WatchList Page: Libya

Type: Islamic Oppression

Language Summary: Arabic (official), Italian, English (all widely understood in the major cities); Berber (Nafusi, Ghadamis, Suknah, Awjilah, Tamasheq)

Ethnic Summary: Berber and Arab 97%, other 3% (includes Egyptian, Greek, Indian, Italian, Maltese, Pakistani, Tunisian, and Turkish)

Religious Summary: Muslim (official; virtually all Sunni) 96.6%, Christian 2.7%, Buddhist 0.3%, Hindu <0.1, Jewish <0.1, folk religion <0.1, unafilliated 0.2%, other <0.1 (2010 est.) note: non-Sunni Muslims include native Ibadhi Muslims (<1% of the population) and foreign Muslims

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